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Re: growisofs writes unreadable dvd+rw

Jean-Christophe Michel <jc.michel@symetrie.com> wrote:

> > Backups made with star on the other side may be read back with any
> > POSIX compliant tar program. You only miss the ability to automatically
> > restore incremental backups in this case, but any single file may be retrieved
> > on any target platform using standard tools.
> * star doesn't seem to be GPL, dar is

star comes with a far more liberal license than dar.

> * star doesn't seem to be distributed and packaged as debian package, dar is

star is available as debian package!

> * star file format policy is public in his docs, even if it's not a
> standard; so I don't think you can say it's proprietary

???? Star's file format is definitely not proprietary because it uses
the official way for POSIX extensions (which requires that these extensions
need to be defined in a way that allow them to become part of POSIX later_.

Dar's archive format has no chance to make it into POSIX.

> * my interest is in doing incremental backups, so star doesn't seem to
> be much more compliant

It is. Just read the documentation....

> * my interest is in doing slices for dvds, and have each of them be
> readable even if one is lost/unreadable. I didn't find wether star can
> achieve this; on the contrary I read that a tar achive splitted into
> chunks needs to be completely readable to restore a single file.

??? You are using unsusual wording....

> * I have only 5Go free to backup 60Go of data, to be growing. I want to
> be able to archive and restore without loading the whole archive.
> * my question was: any idea why a correctly burned dvd cannot be mounted ?

This may be done with star.


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