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Re: growisofs writes unreadable dvd+rw

Joerg Schilling wrote:
>>>>I'm trying to backup a system using dar + growisofs.
>>packet dar:
>>Description: Disk ARchive: Backup directory tree and files
>> Full featured archiver with support for differential backups, slices,
>> compression, ATTR/ACL support. DAR also supports Pipes for remote
>> operations, including with ssh.
> 	So it does not support anything that cannot be done with star.....
> Note: dar is highly non-portable, its "./configure" script even fails
> to run correctly to the end (it aborts somewhere in the middle).
> Dar uses a proprietary and thus non portable archive format.
> I strongly encourage people not do do backups using an archive format
> that has a high risk of being unreradable because of being proprietary.
> Backups made with star on the other side may be read back with any
> POSIX compliant tar program. You only miss the ability to automatically
> restore incremental backups in this case, but any single file may be retrieved
> on any target platform using standard tools.

* star doesn't seem to be GPL, dar is
* star doesn't seem to be distributed and packaged as debian package, dar is
* star file format policy is public in his docs, even if it's not a
standard; so I don't think you can say it's proprietary
* my interest is in doing incremental backups, so star doesn't seem to
be much more compliant
* my interest is in doing slices for dvds, and have each of them be
readable even if one is lost/unreadable. I didn't find wether star can
achieve this; on the contrary I read that a tar achive splitted into
chunks needs to be completely readable to restore a single file.
* I have only 5Go free to backup 60Go of data, to be growing. I want to
be able to archive and restore without loading the whole archive.
* my question was: any idea why a correctly burned dvd cannot be mounted ?

Jean-Christophe Michel

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