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Re: Re: growisofs writes unreadable dvd+rw

Jean-Christophe Michel <jc.michel@symetrie.com> wrote:

> Thks for your answer.
> >> I'm trying to backup a system using dar + growisofs.
> > 
> > dar?
> http://dar.linux.free.fr/
> packet dar:
> Description: Disk ARchive: Backup directory tree and files
>  Full featured archiver with support for differential backups, slices,
>  compression, ATTR/ACL support. DAR also supports Pipes for remote
>  operations, including with ssh.

	So it does not support anything that cannot be done with star.....

Note: dar is highly non-portable, its "./configure" script even fails
to run correctly to the end (it aborts somewhere in the middle).

Dar uses a proprietary and thus non portable archive format.
I strongly encourage people not do do backups using an archive format
that has a high risk of being unreradable because of being proprietary.

Backups made with star on the other side may be read back with any
POSIX compliant tar program. You only miss the ability to automatically
restore incremental backups in this case, but any single file may be retrieved
on any target platform using standard tools.


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