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Re: "mount :not a directory" dvd mount problems

Antonio Lobato wrote:
>   Hello!
>   Im writting backups to dvd rw with the command line:
>   createfilelist.sh | cpio -o | mkisofs -stream-media-size <N> |
> growisofs -Z  /dev/scd0=/dev/fd/0
>   If I use N = 333000,  It burns the cd normaly so I can mount it on
> linux or read it from windows later. But, If I use bigger numbers, like
> 2295104 (the real sectors number of my 4.7GB media), it burns without
> error messages but when I try t omount it on linux:
>   # mount /dev/scd0 /mnt/dvd/
>   mount: not a directory
>   Some hint?
>   (growisofs 5.11, mkisofs 2.01, linux 2.4.20)
>   PS: Im fully sure that /mnt/dvd exists and can be mounted on. The
> trouble really just arises when N is 2295104.

The problem is that streaming data into mkisofs forces it to put the
directory structure at the end of the burn because it does not know
how large the file it is creating will be until it consumes the entire
pipe, and the size of the file is one of the things the directory
structure holds.

The error you are seeing is because linux kernels prior to
have an inode scheme that wraps around at 4 GB.  So, if you tell
mkisofs to put the directory structure at 4.1 GB, linux looks at the
block at 0.1 GB instead of the one at 4.1 GB.  Unsurprisingly, linux
cannot find the directory structure at 0.1 GB.  Kernels after
wrap at 128 GB which solves the problem for the current and (probably)
next several generations of media.

Also, as Thomas has already mentioned, there are probably still
problems using mkisofs to fill an entire DVD.  (I haven't been keeping
up though.)  I wrote the kernel patch because I wanted to do
exactly what you are trying:  I wanted to stream backups to my DVD
drive like it was a tape drive.  I think I have worked through all of
the gotchas including how to span one large backup across multiple
DVDs.  You can find my solution at the following URL:


Paul Serice

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