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***wBULK*** [rft 46] : us new business database - 4.8 million records all with emails Reply: regards,ユ> Certidões de Nascimento dos antepassados em Portugal para obter cidadania portuguesa e serviços de genealogia Desde Señora.Mariam Mugan Estimado cuenta de correo electrónico del propietario What''s going on?⊙ Atenção: Atualização PENDENTE Join BAMify Ads today and get 5,000 credits FREE! [UPLOADED] RFC: The Future of Solving Dependency Problems in APT (SAT, CUDF) apt_0.8.10+expnewsolvers1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental apt_0.8.10+expnewsolvers2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental Bug#330162: apt-utils: incorrect tar-header reading in apt-ftparchive Bug#591882: apt: fails to upgrade some packages properly Bug#596214: apt-cdrom -m broken Bug#600262: apt: random_sleep should not be executed if anacron has started the cron.daily script Bug#602354: Congratulations!!! YOU HAVE WON OUR END OF YEAR PROMO Bug#603680: libnautilus-extension1: breaks nautilus-share upgrade from lenny Bug#605136: python-apt: diff for NMU version 0.7.100+nmu1 Bug#605605: apt: uninteresting NEWS.Debian Bug#605751: apt autoremove (still) tries to remove essential packages Bug#605751: marked as done (apt autoremove (still) tries to remove essential packages) Bug#605873: Why is every pdiff message repeated thrice? Bug#606385: libapt-pkg-libc6 dependency failure prevents debootstrap installation Bug#606461: apt-listchanges: support for PackageManager::Configure "smart" Bug#606930: apt CDROM method fails if more than one package is required from a CDROM Bug#607031: python-apt: Documentation for apt.package.BaseDependency.relation is incorrect Bug#607135: GzipIndexes not working anymore with the default compression order Bug#607145: apt: Updated Spanish translation Bug#607170: typo/error in french translation of apt_preferences(5) Bug#607625: apt: no way to verify an individual downloaded Bug#607636: apt.conf(5) manpage: typo (multiply -> multiple) Bug#607803: apt: popen/fclose mismatch in dpkgmp.cpp (log file descriptor) Bug#607937: apt: New solver in experimental produce strange results Bug#607937: marked as done (apt: New solver in experimental produce strange results) Bug#607999: 'apt-get source $src' fails Bug#608234: apt: displays usage instructions on syntax errors on stdout and returns with exit code 0 Dear Gmail User, Employment UK Multiple proxy configuration Processed: limit source to apt, tagging 607145, tagging 607170 Processed: python-apt: diff for NMU version 0.7.100+nmu1 Processed: Re: nvidia-kernel-195.36.31: Apt is attempting to install nvidia-kernel-2.6.32-5.486 on a amchine with kernel for 686. Processed: Re: Processed (with 2 errors): Re: Bug#607958: E: Encountered a section with no Package: header Processed: reassign 606461 to apt Processed: severity of 591882 is normal Processed: severity of 607958 is normal Processed: tagging 607958 Processed: your mail Processing of apt_0.8.10+expnewsolvers1_amd64.changes Processing of apt_0.8.10+expnewsolvers2_amd64.changes Processing of python-apt_0.7.100+nmu1_i386.changes Processing of python-apt_0.7.100.1_amd64.changes python-apt override disparity python-apt_0.7.100.1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Re :Attention RFC: The Future of Solving Dependency Problems in APT (SAT, CUDF) SINOSTEEL Company Sveicam svetkos ar ipasu akciju. Technical Support This Is Our Opportunity!!! Let's Grab It !!!!! You have 1 new message from Ann !!! The last update was on 06:00 GMT Sun Aug 20. There are 95 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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