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Bug#605605: apt: uninteresting NEWS.Debian

On Wed, Dec 1, 2010 at 19:26, Jakub Wilk <jwilk@debian.org> wrote:
> | * Already included in the last version but now with better documentation
> |   is the possibility to add/prefer different compression types while
> |   downloading archive information, which can decrease the time needed for
> |   update on slow machines. See apt.conf (5) manpage for details.

I was told on d-devel that this is a great feature for e.g. s390 machines
and of general usefulness, thats why it was enhanced and got this entry
in the first place…


> | * APT manages his manpage translations now with po4a, thanks to Nicolas
> |   François and Kurasawa Nozomu, who also provide the ja translation.
> |   Thanks to Christian Perrier we have already a fr translation and
> |   a few more are hopefully added in the near future.

Having a translation of a manpage looks for me like a great feature.
People get pinning for example always wrong, now they can read in their
native tongue what is wrong. ;) Not to mention the various config options…
And last but not least it encourages maybe more translations… :)
We have btw currently complete documentation in de, es, fr and pt - ja only
manpages and pl only some manpages…

After all, that are currently 1048 paragraphs(!) to translate…
In my humble opinion, thats a pretty big achievement.

> | * This version also introduces some _experimental_ configuration options
> |   to make more aggressive use of dpkg's triggers. If you want to help
> |   testing these _experimental_ options see apt.conf (5) manpage.

Again something people asked for (e.g. for possible use in d-i).
The major obstacle against defaulting to them left is the progress reporting…
Something which isn't shown in APT at all but its front-ends…

It avoids some pretty hard bugs caused by the need to split too long
dpkg calls, which happens sometimes at the wrong position  - and is
even a small speed improvement - maybe even bigger if #526774 would
show progress…

But yes, this one could possible be removed.
Properly we could/should add others…

It very much depends on which angle you look at APT and as it used in many
ways you can have many angles… (best example is the first point)

Given that this news-entry is more than a year old,
it can't be useless for everyone after all.

Best regards

David Kalnischkies

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