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Re: Suggestion - Minor changes to main page for now

On 18:10 Tue 22 Jun, Umang Varma wrote:
>  1. The <pre> text looks small compared to non-pre text. Could that be
> changed? Either the variable width text should be smaller or the fixed
> width text should be larger (+- 1px maybe enough). Most people have
> their emails sent wrapped at 80 chars. That, including the
> margin/padding, occupies half the width of my screen (width is 1024).
> Say you want to make it work even on a 800x600 screen, it should still
> look fine if you increase the size by 1px.

A while ago I took the decision to leave the body font sizes at the user
defaults, allowing you to set the font size in your browser. If your
browser is Firefox (and most others) the default monospace setting is
smaller than the normal text. You can change this setting in the
preferences. Opera uses larger monospace text than the others by

> I don't think I can say this enough, but "Fantastic work!". I doubt I've
> seen as pretty a GNU Mailman archive to date.

Thanks, your feedback including helpful criticism is much appreciated,
keep it coming! 

Kalle Söderman   http://www.kalleswork.net   pgp AEE520DC

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