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Re: Suggestion - Minor changes to main page for now


* Umang Varma <umang.me@gmail.com> [2010-06-14 14:08:52 CEST]:
> ! Please CC me as I am not subscribed to the debian-www mailing list !

 Thanks for reminding me, was about to remove you from the Cc list :)

> On 06/14/2010 12:50 PM, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> >  From what I understood most of them only change minor bits just like
> > your suggestion. Otherwise I agree with you, they won't be pratcial to
> > adopt. E.g. I started with getting Kalle's propsal to work on
> > <http://www.deb.at/index.en.html>
> I saw that and, in my opinion, that is the kind of great first impress a
> great distro's website should have! I'm guessing, however, that it
> changes the layout too much for a quick approval. I am not suggesting
> the layout I posted be used, but I'm just saying minor changes should be
> made soon.

 It's not as much as you presume. And even then, a quick approval might
break some of the subpages easily too, so it's not that big of a gain to
change in one direction now (and get complaints about some sub pages)
and later change again - I don't believe in regular changes, it would
confuse even more.

> >  It is an interesting approach and looks sweet, though there are some
> > things that itch me a bit: The blue text and the red headlines are a bit
> > too much, and personally I dislike dotted links instead of clearly
> > underlined.
> I was a bit unsure of that myself when I first put it up. I've changed
> that now. [1]

 See above - it's not only the entry page - which has a different layout
than most other pages anyway - it's also about subpages and how they
could go with the flow.

 Also, Kalle's proposal doesn't only cover the main website but has
created a thoughtful suggestion that works for other parts of the Debian
web presence. This is why I am especially convinced that that's the
path to pursue and that's why I do it. Just take a look at
<http://git.deb.at/> to see another approach of it, or (with great
thanks to Martin Zobel-Heals!) see <http://lists.deb.at/>.

 Thanks for your effort and suggestions anyway!
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Mensch auch ein Privatleben haben sollte."
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