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Re: Suggestion - Minor changes to main page for now

I decided to (temporarily?) subscribe to the newsgroup anyway now, so
needn't CC me anymore.

On 06/22/2010 03:17 PM, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
>> It's great to see others implementing the design, a good test to make
>> sure the design is robust enough and it chases the problems out much
> I rendered debian-blends so you get a bigger picture, with
> email-threading and so on:
> http://lists.deb.at/debian-blends/2009/debian-blends-200905/msg00002.html

Looks great. Just a couple of things I personally feel could be tweaked:

 1. The <pre> text looks small compared to non-pre text. Could that be
changed? Either the variable width text should be smaller or the fixed
width text should be larger (+- 1px maybe enough). Most people have
their emails sent wrapped at 80 chars. That, including the
margin/padding, occupies half the width of my screen (width is 1024).
Say you want to make it work even on a 800x600 screen, it should still
look fine if you increase the size by 1px.

 2. I don't know whether this is a mailmain bug, feature or not even
related to mailman, but many debian mailing list web archives get too
hard to follow when they stop threading at four or five levels (whatever
it is). Can this be increased to seven or eight levels? The text may
need to be wrapped, or the indentation be need to be reduced, but it
would certainly help.

I don't think I can say this enough, but "Fantastic work!". I doubt I've
seen as pretty a GNU Mailman archive to date.


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