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Re: Suggestion - Minor changes to main page for now

Hi Martin,

On 00:30 Tue 22 Jun, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:
> You guys would do me a big favour, if we could please NOT reset the
> "pre" element in CSS. The text flow does look very evil in list
> archives.

It's a mistake of mine, I will update the stylesheet to treat "pre"
properly. The emails should definately be monospaced.

> beside from that:
> http://lists.deb.at/debian-announce/debian-announce-2010/msg00002.html
> I only rendered the debian-announce archive up to now, if we fixed all
> issues, i will render all archives against the Kalle's layout.

I belive the stylesheet on www.deb.at has a few quirks, I have not
updated my patches to apply to the most recent tip for quite a while.
Hence some strange behaviour beyond the pre issue mentioned above.

When looking at your page above I noticed that the breadcrumbs are
within a span element. If you could use a <p id="breadcrumbs"> instead
the appearance would match the rest of the site. Removing the top <hr>
would save some vertical space and should look good when the breadcrumbs
are properly formatted. If any of those things are difficult we can find
some way to work around it.

It's great to see others implementing the design, a good test to make
sure the design is robust enough and it chases the problems out much

Kalle Söderman   http://www.kalleswork.net   pgp AEE520DC

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