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Re: Suggestion - Minor changes to main page for now


 First of all - please be patient with us. We are working on this
voluntary, and sometimes it can happen that lengthy mails take their
time to reply to. :)

* Umang Varma <umang.me@gmail.com> [2010-06-09 18:44:55 CEST]:
> ! Please CC me as I am not subscribed to the debian-www mailing list !

 Thanks for the notice, please keep it in your additional mails so noone
forgets about it. Also, you are invited to follow through the web
archive of the list just in case: <http://lists.debian.org/debian-www/>

> Whichever ones that do work from [1] seem to have major changes (or are
> written from scratch?). I'm not sure of the process, but I think these
> changes can't be accepted or applied very soon.

 From what I understood most of them only change minor bits just like
your suggestion. Otherwise I agree with you, they won't be pratcial to
adopt. E.g. I started with getting Kalle's propsal to work on

> So I'd like to suggest that only small changes are made to the layout
> to remove the not-so-nice parts. I've done a quick and very rough job
> of making one such design. [2]

 It is an interesting approach and looks sweet, though there are some
things that itch me a bit: The blue text and the red headlines are a bit
too much, and personally I dislike dotted links instead of clearly

 These are my first impressions though.

> I'm far from an expert in these field and don't think my changes are
> great. However, the intention of this email is to suggest that only
> small changes (not necessarily mine) are made soon to the CSS to make
> the website look a bit better.

 See Kalle's proposal, it doesn't have too deep changes and it comes
with a patch that makes it clear what needs to get changed (and is
already changed on the above site).

"most users choose convenience over security, and that's reflected in the
 choice of the current default"
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