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Re: Website Designs

On Sat, 21 Apr 2007 12:25:06 +0100, James Herrington
<james.herrington@tiscali.co.uk> said:  

> I agree, i think the structure of navigation definitely needs to be
> improved however i don't think i'm the person to do it! It's not that
> i wouldnt like to but more i don't know the existing website structure
> well enough.

> There is another thread on this list that is currently discussing
> navigation/ how users travel through the site however i think until a
> decision has been made to the new navigation there is very little i
> can do further with the designs. I'd really like to carry on with the
> website help once the navigation is decided so if and when this
> happens feel free to contact me!

        For example, I really dislike that when I hit the mailing list
 archive link, instead of being shown the archives based on
 list/year/month directly, I am asked whether I want a developer mailing
 list or a user list.  The additional level of access is irritating.

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