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Re: Website Designs

* James Herrington <james.herrington@tiscali.co.uk> [2007-04-19 17:06]:
> Based on some of the criticisms I have made some quick changes to the 
> design and have also made a quick mockup for the about debian page. This 
> should show what the general content pages would look like.

 Thanks a lot for taking my comments constructive like they were ment to
be, not as a flaming like some others addressed me since I wrote my
mail.  I see much enthusiasm and good ideas in your approach, so don't
let me bring you down. :)

 What still lacks, though not directly from your part, is a clear idea
of how the navigation would fit your suggested design and how it should
be reworked.  I'm not sure if you know about the depth and the amount of
content on the site, and navigation is definitely one of the core issues
the site was addressed about over the last years, or rather some
shortcomings in it.

 To me, if we don't get a clear view of how to rework the navigation
shortcomings, really deciding on a design could get it worse, if it's
not flexible enough to cope with that.  There are approaches to put
things that belong together into boxes, like in the
<http://www.debian.org/devel/> or <http://www.debian.org/devel/todo/>
sections, the various lists like you see on the frontpage about the news
and security alerts, and of course on the <http://www.debian.org/events/>
pages, or the subnavigation you see on top of the portage pages like

 Obviously the differences in those approaches should be worked back to
get it a similar feeling.  I guess you'll propably come up with a good
suggestions for those, too. :)

 But I got distracted myself, though in a direction that better
addresses you, James.  What I really meant to start with reworking on
navigation didn't mean design-wise but rather making it work better.
I'm not sure if a design is able to do a lot on that part, most propably
it will though be able to help.  And from what I saw from that image
your design doesn't rely too much on graphics, which is also a good
thing, because the loadtime of the site shouldn't be forgotten neither.

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