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Re: Website Designs

* James Herrington <james.herrington@tiscali.co.uk> [2007-04-18 21:11]:
> I've come up with a quick mockup design for the debian homepage, what does 
> everyone think?
> http://james.isafreelancer.com/debian/

 It looks clean, but from a closer look there are many shortcomings when
you try to get a better feeling about the Debian website:

 -) Debian doesn't sell any CDs, and AFAIK there is no real official CD
artwork neither, so that might be vastly misleading.

 -) There is no (official) "Forum" nor won't there be any "Login"s at
the Debian website. Please keep in mind that the Website is mirrored to
some servers and shouldn't require a common database or dynamic backend
or something of the likes.

 -) The language selection just won't work:  Besides that we have 33
languages (including English, or rather ~26, if one ignores the ones
with low amount of translated pages) and it will get pretty huge, a
country->language mapping just won't work, as can already be seen in
your example with the notation of UK.

 -) You don't seem to have taken a real look at the website with respect
to the navigation, sorry.  What do you want to put under "Goodies"?  How
would you rearange all the other parts of the website?

 -) The "Latest News" bar seems pretty narrow - I highly doubt that it
would nicely fit the news section, left aside the Security Advisories,

 -) Your "design" is just an image - which simply doesn't work with
textbased webbrowsers or screenreaders for handicaped people, which is
also quite important for our website.  Do you have some real HTML code
which can be tested with various browsers, various screen resolutions
and stuff?

 So long, and thanks for the fish.
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