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Re: Website Designs

* Bastian Venthur <venthur@debian.org> [2007-04-19 12:03]:
> Am 19.04.2007 11:35 schrieb Gerfried Fuchs:
>> * James Herrington <james.herrington@tiscali.co.uk> [2007-04-18 21:11]:
>>> I've come up with a quick mockup design for the debian homepage, what does 
>>> everyone think?
>>> http://james.isafreelancer.com/debian/
>>  It looks clean, but from a closer look there are many shortcomings when
>> you try to get a better feeling about the Debian website:
>>  -) Debian doesn't sell any CDs, and AFAIK there is no real official CD
>> artwork neither, so that might be vastly misleading.
> Could lead to a download site with links to .iso images though, I think
> this is not a major issue.

 I never said it is a major issue - it's a part that itched me when
taking a look at the proposed design.

>>  -) There is no (official) "Forum" nor won't there be any "Login"s at
>> the Debian website. Please keep in mind that the Website is mirrored to
>> some servers and shouldn't require a common database or dynamic backend
>> or something of the likes.
> Could be renamed to wiki.


> [...]

 You might see those as minor issues, but as a whole they show clearly
that James just don't know much about Debian as a whole, or how the
thing works.  This will become a major issue if we would need to
actually use it, especially with respect to navigation and other things.

> It's common practice under webdesigners to create a mockup picture and
> then create the HTML if the customer likes what he sees.

 The thing is, the website is more than just the design.  If you make a
decision which is just appealing for they eye you will definitely end up
with something that _won't_ work for the Debian website because you most
likely would choose something that is in contrast to what fits the site
best, and especially the requirements, which, like written, definitely
includes accessibility issues.

> I'd like to propose again to start some official contest, and let a
> broader audience (at least the DDs) vote for the final design. The more
> people get to vote the better.

 That won't work, because like said above, most people don't think about
(or even just am not able to see it) what is able to work (sorry, James)
and would fit the needs of our website.

 So long,
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