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Re: Website Designs

Based on some of the criticisms I have made some quick changes to the design and have also made a quick mockup for the about debian page. This should show what the general content pages would look like.

The links down the right hand side (related links) will be expandable so to conserve space and hide less common menu items from users who dont need them.

I have kept the CD graphic for now as although i know that Debian dont directly sell CD's i struggled to find another suitable graphic. Any ideas for this graphic is welcome? perhaps a screenshot of the debian desktop???

Accessibility is obviously an issue however there are plenty of modern sites using lots of images that still manage to be accessible! All the sites i build conform to XHTML 1.0 strict and CSS 2.0. I also have experience of making sites work with screen readers and text only browsers and understand that this is a high priority for the site.

As for producing an XHTML mockup this would come at a later stage where the design has been decided (if we reach that stage).

the two new mockups are here:



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