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Re: Invalid HTML-Tags

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Am 09.10.2005 um 13:12 schrieb Thomas Huriaux:

My last question is: is it really so important to replace all <i> by
something so complicated? If <i> is still valid in XHTML

HTML. ;_)

The <i> are not that important, I just can leave them out. And if there is an alternative using <i> instead of <u> that can be replaces.

But the booktitle and foreign-word-problem is related to many language and needs an adequate solution.

- - The files, where I replaced that things have not been that many (about less than ten including all languages). It would be easy to find exactly those in the list of files in News. I can reverse that or you can (unsing <i> instead of <u> where it is _not_ a quote.

- - Quotes can be set to italic by css.
- - If I we have cleared up the quote sign question, debian.css can be changed.
- - Booktitle-Tags can be inserted later
- - the nottranslate and foreign word problem is not necessary to be solved in the next days

Is that okay?

If yes; Are there any languages groups, that insist not to make the changes mostly in one step (other handling needs about time * translations for the changes and will never come to an end, I think. ;-)

To give some time to think about, I can walk through the tree and leave some things out, so that mostly things like usage of align, border and blockquote are effected, where no visible change will be the result.
- - blockquote needs the <p>-Tags
- - border= 0 for images is already in css and default for tables
- - align= center for content is class="center"
- - There are some corrupted tags/attributes (sometimes in many translations at the same time)
- - There are some incomplete forms, which result in a lot of errors

The latest files I worked on have been the logo pages. That needs an interim solution and was planned to present before applying any patch, as here really some changes have been necessary, to make it valid. The final solution can be done, If everything is valid and can go HTML strict.

Note: I did not notice, That the <u> was such a problem. Else I would have presented that first, too, before commiting these changes. But my immediate reaction shoud show you, that really do not want to annoy anyone.

We have still 2941 blockquote errors and 865 align errors. That may be a lot of the remaining 1600 files, I think. Doing all translations for one page at once does not eat much more time than doing one only and it eats less time than excluding one or some languages.



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