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Re: Invalid HTML-Tags

Jutta Wrage <jw@witch.westfalen.de> (08/10/2005):
> Am 08.10.2005 um 13:30 schrieb Thomas Huriaux:
> > It does not answer my question. Sometimes, English requires quotes,  
> > while
> > French requires italic. There is not a semantic tag for all the
> > situations where italic is required in French. To replace blindly <i>
> > by <q> is a wrong solution.
> HTML tags are telling something about the content. How that is  
> rendered according to languages, is up to the browsers and correct  
> css implementation.
> "Sometimes requires" cannot be solved by wrong tag usage. Can't you  
> give examples _what_ requires using language dependant italics or  
> underlining?

This debate is some kind of <tag_for_foreign_words>déjà-vu</tag..>.
I already gave you an example of the book <q>Snow Crash</q> (see my first
mail). As Adnene said:
<q>if I were you, I would only deal with the English pages and let the
l10n teams do their work</q>.

Ce débat est une sorte de déjà-vu. Je t'ai déjà donné l'exemple du livre
<u>Snow Crash</u> (<tag_for_foreign_words>cf.</tag...> mon premier
courriel). Comme l'a dit Adnène&nbsp;:
<q>si j'étais toi, je ne m'occuperais que de l'anglais et je laisserais
les équipes l10n faire leur travail</q>.


Thomas Huriaux

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