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Re: [proposal] IRC Meeting

On 3/09/10 1:04 AM, Francesca Ciceri wrote:

>> The options are no doubt reasonable in your timezone, but in mine they are at
>> 6am and 7am :(  It's an ongoing problem in this game...
> Ooops! I'm not very expert in this kind of international stuff, so if you all
> have some standard time to the meetings (that fits every timezone) please, say
> it and we can decide for that.

Since Europe, the Americas and Australia/NewZealand are spaced reasonably evenly
around the globe, there is no time that suits everyone.  The best thing that we
can do is take it in turns who has to wake up early or stay up late (or skip the
meeting).  I suspect that I am in a small minority of people who are currently
in Australia (though there have been several D-W people in the past who were in
this timezone, so maybe there are some now I'm not aware of), so it works best
if we mostly choose a time that suits the EU and the USA.  Just not every time...

>> I'll opt for the 7am timeslots but in practise, my chances of being awake are
>> high, but my chances of being awake and not having to deal with a hungry, busy
>> toddler at that time are pretty low (you try typing with someone trying to "help
>> mummy with hitting the keyboard" at the same time!).
> Lol (--> help mummy hitting the keyboard! if you'll say "fhjsgjjajhdsjlaf" in
> chat, now we know why!:D)

Yep.  You got it.  My daughter just loves pushing buttons, any buttons.  She's
already called OOO (the Au version of 911) twice on the phone.  I guess the
operators must be used to that.

>> So I'll make it if I can,
>> but don't hold your breath.
> Can you propose an alternative hour?
> Maybe 22:00 UTC are more acceptable (I think it's not a great sacrifice for
> the other, especially on Saturday - the most voted day)?

There's no time that will suit everyone, and I don't want to change things
around now on my account, especially since I have certainly not been putting the
effort into DW stuff recently that many others have.  I think we should go with
the times suggested, see which gets the most votes, and go with that.  I was
just mentioning it as something to keep in mind for the future.


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