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Re: Next IRC Meeting: Saturday 4th Sept. 21:00 UTC

On 4/09/10 3:20 AM, Margarita Manterola wrote:
> Hi!
> This is just a re-iteration of Francesca's mail, so that it doesn't
> get lost in a long thread.
> The next IRC meeting will be on Saturday (tomorrow) at 21:00 UTC. To
> check what time that is on your timezone, you can do: date -s
> "2010-09-04 21:00:00 UTC"
> The agenda will be:
> 1. wiki pages: update or not course's pages
> 2. statistics: much deeper analysis of women presence in Debian, collect
> numbers on male presence in Debian (for a comparative analysis), other's
> distros statistics on female contributors (comparative analysis),
> flosspolls...etc
> 3. webpage: how it runs, discussion on proposals from list (blogroll,
> news, identi.ca account, etc)
> 4. Any other business.

Thanks Marga,

I'm hoping to be there and I would like to discuss or ask for help from people
about collating the latest information on the state of the mentoring scheme, so
that we can get to work on whatever needs to be done with that.  That is
assuming that others involved (I think that Erinn, Runa and Lesley have all been
doing something with this, not certain?) are able to be there.  If not we'll
manage another way.


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