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Re: Thinking about organizing a special women-oriented event

2009/8/25 Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org>:
> Quoting Jordi Gutiérrez Hermos (jordigh@gmail.com):
>> I'm rambling... but I really hope I managed to offend a little less
>> this time... and I hope I didn't make it worse.
> .../...
> You didn't.
> You did something that's very hard to do, particularly in a public
> mailing list: you accepted the criticism from others, understood why
> you were criticized and took valuable time (yours..) to explain *and*
> apologize.
> For this, at least in my opinion, you deserve respect. And I mean it
> even more because I was initially really offended by your remark and
> very close to react quite offensively to it...:)

I agree with Christian.

For the next time, though, I think that the kind of explanation and
reasons given in Jordi's latest mail are understandable and would have
added value to the discussion if they had been expressed with those
words from the beginning. Please, if at some point someone gets angry
with anything that's said, try to delay the answer until your feelings
have calmed down a bit, try to understand the other person's point of
view and not take it as something personal, and if/when you decide to
reply, try to explain your point of view in a structured way so that
the rest of the people can understand your concerns (you made it OK in
the last mail, Jordi), and, well, be polite and be helpful, as
Linuxchix' motto says.

I know from experience that nothing good comes out from writing when
you're angry, I've bee there too (and, regrettably, I'll probably be
in the future even if I try not to). Lets just learn our lesson and
step forward, please.

I don't personally have a strong opinion on letting guys come or not,
both options have pros and cons and it probably depends on what
results they want to achieve. I kind of think that Holger somehow has
a point in what he said, though.


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