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Re: moving the wiki content?

On Wed, Jul 08, 2009 at 02:52:34PM +0100, Lesley Binks wrote:

> I think I am happier if we have our own 'quarter' where we can make it
> absolutely clear
> certain topics stuff are not welcome, nor tolerated and at least have
> the expectation that we won't need to waste our time
> explaining alternative viewpoints

What does the transition look like from this, to a world where such topics
are not tolerated *anywhere* in the Debian community?

It's been many years since the Debian Women project was established with the
goal of helping women integrate themselves into the project as Debian
Developers.  I think it's been reasonably successful in this regard - at
least, the rate of women expressing interest in DDship making it through the
NM process appears to be very high.  If the list is no longer serving that
purpose, and is instead becoming a ghetto for people using it as an
*alternative* to participating in the broader Debian community, then
independent of the website question I would suggest Debian-Women has
outlived its usefulness as a distinct project and we might want to consider
disbanding it.

Certainly the group has been coasting for a while, which isn't a problem by
itself - but if it's now leading people to concede the main mailing lists to
people who are behaving inappropriately, I think that's counterproductive.

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