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Re: moving the wiki content?

2009/7/8 Meike Reichle <meike@debian.org>:
> Lesley Binks wrote @ 08/07/09 15:52:
> Nobody want's to do anything to the d-w project as a whole. D-W will go on
> not matter what. The question is simply and only if we want to move the
> contents that were put in the Debian-Women wiki when it was still in use
> into the general Debian wiki instead of having it rot away somewhere in an
> unlinked and unused wiki installation.

My personal opinion is that moving our wiki pages to the general wiki
would be a positive thing.

> 2) I don't think creating a parallel infrastructure/community is the
> solution to the problem. We should show face and not hide away in some
> kind of virtual gated community.


The goal of the DW project, AFAIK, has never been to have our own
social club where we could feel safe and protected isolated from the
"bad guys", but to promote the increase of the number of women
involved in the development of Debian, and as a final goal, to get
fully integrated in it.

>> I am happy to be a part of the Debian project - however small my part might be.
>> I am also more than happy to help keep up the women's subproject wiki
>> and web-pages going.
> We can of course re-activate the D-W wiki, re-link it in our pages, clean
> it up, upgrade the software etc. etc. However the reason it fell into
> oblivion in the first place is that D-W currently doesn't really produce
> much content, leave alone content that is so plenty and so dynamic that it
> needs a whole wiki to keep track of it. So, I currently don't see we
> should take the trouble.

One of the main parts of DW was to provide female models and
visibility so that other women would identify with the project. At the
moment we already have more visibility than then, there's usually some
entries in planet signed by women, and maybe we could achieve better
visibility if we had more articles signed by women in the general


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