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Re: moving the wiki content?

Hi Lisi

> In view of the recent thread, I think that now is a bad time, from my point of 
> view, to take away anything from the women's space.  We are, after all, 
> hardly made to feel welcome on the official site.  

I respectfully disagree, on certain points actually:

1) I've never felt that we weren't welcome on the official site. In fact
D-W is one of only very few Debian sub-projects that actually have a
someting.debian.*org* domain. Most sub-projects only have a
something.debian.net one. I see that as a rather strong and public
approval and support of debian-women from the project's side and I am very
happy about that.

2) I don't agree with the "taking away". Looking at
http://women.debian.org the wiki is currently inaccessible, so if anyone
is taking away anything anything at all it's us, by hiding some very good
Howtos and explanations (including Marga's famous diagram :)) from people
who could find it very useful. When looking for general packaging etc
information wiki.d.o is a logical place to go and I think that by putting
our stuff there we make it accessible to a broad audience again which is a
good thing. If you are worried what will happen with it once it's there
the obvious thing to do would be to subscribe to the pages once they've
been created and keep an eye on them.

3) I really don't like to think in terms on "ours" and "theirs" or more
general "us" and "them" when it comes to D-W and Debian itself. Debian is
our "parent-project" (in lack of a better word) and not some kind of
adversary that we should protect our stuff from.
We use their infrastructure, they host our site, our wiki, and our mailing
list, we are part of Debian! Moreover, we do what we do because we think
that Debian benefits from it, we work for Debian and not against it.

Best regards,

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