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Re: Debian's Freenode IRC channels

On Jan 12, 2008 8:25 PM, Margarita Manterola <margamanterola@gmail.com> wrote:
> After a few years of Debian-Women we have about 10 female DDs, and
> others in the making, and the atmosphere at most developers places is
> welcoming towards females.  These results are what we have achieved.
> We changed Debian (well, at least, I feel we did).

Yes, DW did it and that was my motivation for founding UW all along.

> compared to Ubuntu-Women (I have
> no idea what Ubuntu-Women has achieved, can you tell us?), but I feel

Technically speaking, no "DD-like" situation, but that i feel is a
distant dream when there is still confusion[0] about about what UW is
about. If I sound disappointed, well i am :(

[0] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-women/2008-January/001242.html

> that since many UD are DDs, the influence of Debian-Women on the
> DDs/UDs has allowed Ubuntu-Women to focus on other areas, since the
> developing areas had already been "fixed" by Debian-Women.

True, is not something one can specifically point at but DW influence
is there. Also the Ubuntu CoC plays a huge role in Ubuntu, which
Debian does not have, but each to its own.

> As was already stated, we don't oppose to making this effort broader,
> and reaching user communities as well, but for doing that, we would
> have to have a lot of time and put a lot of effort into it, which we
> currently don't have, and it was never one of our priority aims.
> If it's your priority, you have the time and the will to do it, then
> you are more than welcome to do it.  But I don't think it's fair to
> come here demanding that we should do something that we never claimed
> we would do.

right, I guess that is true for any situation, not just Debian.

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