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Debian's Freenode IRC channels


I'm primarily an Ubuntu user, but I've run Debian in various places on my home network for over a year, and what is currently my home server has been exclusively Debian for about a year now.

As part of my NY Resolutions, I decided it was time to get more involved in Debian, which involves hanging out in Debian channels more. Apart from rejoining the OFTC Debian channels, I also joined the Freenode ones since they are still the more populous. The channels I joined included #debian-offtopic - a 'secret' channel which they freely redirect offtopic conversation to if they are asked for an offtopic channel.

I am starting to wish I had not.

Aside from the channels in general being more hostile which I knew to expect, I find a complete disregard for decency towards women. From just a week in #debian on freenode, greps for 'girl' and 'women have some really degrading comments: http://pastebin.ca/LfFsZYkV (encrypted post, password: debian)

I've only been in the offtopic channel since the 8th, but already I have collected: http://pastebin.ca/RiF2KwdQ (encrypted post, password: offtopic)

The bottom 3 lines in the offtopic pastebin are pertaining to a conversation I tried to have just before (http://pastebin.ca/BewJbhLq encrypted, password: convo), after seeing

<simonrvn> @be $1 barbie is <reply>AAAAW! $1 is too HARD! let's go shopping!
<ravenbird> simonrvn: okay
<simonrvn> w00t
<simonrvn> @be ssh barbie
<ravenbird> AAAAW! ssh is too HARD! let's go shopping!

followed by discussion of and links to NSFW stuff.

As an active Ubuntu-Women member, I've many times been told to come to Debian and the Debian-Women project whenever someone in Ubuntu slips up, because D-W have had more success with the overall Debian community. Quite frankly, I'm at a loss for what to think, because I'm not really seeing it :(

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