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Re: IT screen goddesses

On Mon, Jul 10, 2006 at 09:13:27AM +0200, Tina Isaksen wrote:

> I'm trying to decide what to think about this calendar but I'm
> having a hard time making up my mind. I like the pictures. Nice
> compositions, recognizable and beautiful women. Basically your
> ordinary calendar.

> Then there is the fact that the models know their way around a
> computer... does it mean anything? What are they trying to say? That
> they managed to find twelve good looking female computer 'geeks'?
> Than female 'geeks' can be good looking?

Yes, from what I gather from the web site, I think this is exactly
what they meant. What they want is to make the image of "female in IT"
compatible with the usual stereotypes and social expectations on
females, as opposed to destroy the female "be beautiful and shut up"
stereotype altogether.

> Female techs will keep on being special as long as we are portrayed
> as special.

AOL. In my teenage years I was saying: Second-generation immigrants
will not be "integrated" in general society as long as you keep asking
them whether they are, analysing their TV watching habits (how many
French-speaking channels for how long?). Same phenomenon at hand,


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