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Re: IT screen goddesses

I'm trying to decide what to think about this calendar but I'm having a hard time making up my mind. I like the pictures. Nice compositions, recognizable and beautiful women. Basically your ordinary calendar.

Then there is the fact that the models know their way around a computer... does it mean anything? What are they trying to say? That they managed to find twelve good looking female computer 'geeks'? Than female 'geeks' can be good looking? That they have modeling as a hobby?

Female geeks are inn these days, especially good looking geeks. You see them on TV all the time in shows like NCIS, JAG etc. But does it do anything with towards awareness that women can actually excel in the tech business? No it doesn't because these women are made into showcases... "Look this woman is a computer geek. Isn't it great!!" Female techs will keep on being special as long as we are portrayed as special.

Being not only female but also 'old' (going on 40) I feel the prejudice all the time. If I go shopping for hardware; "Are you sure your are running Linux? It's only common among hackers you know...", "Maybe you should call your husband." He he he... there are no files called ogg, not music files anyway. Music is stored as something called mp3. Look at it as a word document that plays music(?)"

I think showcases like this calendar really says: "Look at these women. They are IT professionals. Aren't they special?" And I'm not sure that is a good thing...


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