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Re: IT screen goddesses

* Helen Faulkner <helen@thousand-ships.com> [2006:07:10 13:05 +1000]: 
> I don't actually think those pictures are selling based on sex.  

Seriously? You don't think men will buy copies of these so they can get
off on the half-naked/hot geek chicks? You don't think that was actually
the intention?

> I don't personally think this calendar is in anything like the same category as
> hotbabe (to refer to a previous discussion about objectification of women), to
> which I definitely objected.  I think it's great they they are demonstrating
> that women in IT can be funny and creative as well as successful and intelligent
> and geeky.

Aren't they really just demonstrating that they can be sexy and good
looking? Big deal. There is nothing progressive or groundbreaking about
that. Maybe next they will have a geek chick cookbook to show that we'd
make good housewives too.

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