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Re: IT screen goddesses

On 7/10/06, Erinn Clark <erinn@debian.org> wrote:
* Helen Faulkner <helen@thousand-ships.com> [2006:07:10 13:05 +1000]:
> I don't actually think those pictures are selling based on sex.

Seriously? You don't think men will buy copies of these so they can get
off on the half-naked/hot geek chicks? You don't think that was actually
the intention?

Some men probably will, most men probably not. If they want to get off
on half-naked hot chick, this is not a good choice for a calendar as
most of those women are not half-naked.
Most of those women are wearing more than most women on this kind of
hot summer day!

My guess is women will buy it more than men. Damn, I'm buying it for
myself for career inspiration. I'm buying one for a friend, who
happens to be a guy, because he has put a lot of effort into getting
more women into open source projects and I'm hoping this calendar will
make him think "there is hope for that still".

Let me approach the matter from a different angle: If you consider
this calendar is ok, what kind of calendar of women in IT would be ok?

Lynoure Braakman

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