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Re: IT screen goddesses

> they're geeks? If so, that's pretty condescending. I have seen more
> negative stereotyping of male geeks' appearances and I don't see any
> calendars with them half-naked to promote a more realistic view. It is
> the same objectification of women as always, it's just being sold
> differently. 

In order to balance this objectification, I'd suggest to simultaneously
release a nice Debian male calendar.... Actually, such calendars with
"ordinay" men (aka not models) became fairly common here (here==France
and, I guess, now most parts of Europe).

The first one has been the Stade Français rugby team something like 10
years ago, where these....pretty nice men (at least according to all
people who have some knowledge in men's appearance around me)...were
(and still are, yearly) photographed (not half) naked. For once
without their nice...pink jersey (yes, they are these people who play
rugby in pink jerseys, sometimes with ties, even....and they win....often).

The idea spread out in many places and, now, we regularly see
calendars of various communities being released...and, there, not only
with "gorgeous" people (according to the so-called regular standards).

Indeed, the final idea would be a 6 men-6 women Debian calendar
featuring our most proeminent figures (one DPL, one release manager,
etc.). But I'm not sure we would succeed to convince a lot of people.

Moreover, I'm afraid that various cultures (and, yes, I mostly compare
the views from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean here) wouldn't see
this the very same way. And, of course, it not being accepted by the
major part of our community would rule it out.

Anyway, I find this discussion interesting and I'd like to see more
opinions. Indeed, it raises a very sensitive topic for which it'll be
interesting to have the opinion of the various women in Debian.

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