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Re: Hello and introduction

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Erinn Clark wrote:
> I like seeing these little bios from new members. :)

Hmm, okay then.

I'm elmindreda, although people in the real world insist on calling me
Camilla. I'm an ex game developer who has slowly but surely fallen for
the Unix way, finally ending up on a Debian desktop.

I'm involved in the demoscene[1], although I haven't released a serious
demo for a while now. I also run and/or participate in a few (mostly
graphics related) Open Source projects, some of which I'd like to
package one day.

I found DW via the DebConf5 recordings, and I'm very glad I did, as it's
proven to be a wonderful gateway into Debian. I usually tend to avoid
female-dominated environments, as I lack the social wiring required to
make sense of most of them, but DW is a nice exception.

I'm making my way through all the documentation required in order to
make good packages and nice bug reports, but at the moment I'm mostly
expanding my knowledge of autotools. I think Erinn knows why.

I'm mostly here to give back to the wonderful system running on my
workstations, although I may apply for NM in the future.

As for analogoue activities, I split my time somewhat evenly between
Unix and demoscene work, and the autism rights movement.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demoscene

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