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Re: Hello and introduction

* Camilla Berglund <camilla.berglund@gmail.com> [2006:02:28 03:37 +0100]: 
> I'm elmindreda, although people in the real world insist on calling me
> Camilla. I'm an ex game developer who has slowly but surely fallen for
> the Unix way, finally ending up on a Debian desktop.

w00t! Game developers! I am sort of a budding one myself (currently
making casual games go on airplanes using semi-embedded Linux...)

> I found DW via the DebConf5 recordings, and I'm very glad I did, as it's
> proven to be a wonderful gateway into Debian. I usually tend to avoid
> female-dominated environments, as I lack the social wiring required to
> make sense of most of them, but DW is a nice exception.

So I'm really curious about this bit -- I suppose two parts or maybe
they're really one and of course, no obligation to answer if you don't
feel like it. :)

- What about female-dominated environments has made you feel like you
  don't fit in, specifically? I think I've felt this way in the past,
  but for me it had more to do with not feeling "polite" enough and
  being accused of being too hostile/aggressive. Your comment about 
  social wiring piques my interest, I think, because (due to your
  mention of autism at the end of your bio) I'm wondering if there are
  some things a lot of us don't notice because they're really subtle
  behaviors we've picked up along the way and they are either natural to
  us or we've learned to mimic them effectively. 

- What about DW differs, in your opinion? I have my own theories about
  what the differences may be, but I'm really interested in hearing yours.

> I'm making my way through all the documentation required in order to
> make good packages and nice bug reports, but at the moment I'm mostly
> expanding my knowledge of autotools. I think Erinn knows why.

Indeed I do, and I can barely contain my excitement. :)

> I'm mostly here to give back to the wonderful system running on my
> workstations, although I may apply for NM in the future.


off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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