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Re: Hello and introduction

> I found DW via the DebConf5 recordings, and I'm very glad I did, as it's
> proven to be a wonderful gateway into Debian. I usually tend to avoid
> female-dominated environments, as I lack the social wiring required to
> make sense of most of them, but DW is a nice exception.

Well, about that part of the topic, I think that what makes DW really
specific is that it is actually *not* a female-dominated environment.

Besides its main goal which is still and will hopefully ever be "bring
more women to Debian", the DW project has cristallized a group of
*people* who have this common goal  and, as a natural side effect,
show that Debian can *also* be a friendly environment for newcomers.

This is why you'll also find a few men in the project and, because
indeed this project has motivated several (male) DD's (and non DD),
there are often more men than women in the project...:)

We just try to avoid showing up to much (except people like myself who
can't stop talking when they talk about their pet peeves projects) to
keep a "decent" balance (that's not always true on IRC..:-))).

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