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Re: adding gender field on debian developer's database (from debian-devel)

Quoting fabienne s (fabienne@fabienne.us):
> hello d-w,
> so i'm interested in what you think here on the list about including 
> someone's gender (i *think* that's what he meant by "sex" below) in the 
> debian developer's database?  has this guy never seen the list on debian 
> women of developers and women in the nm queue? (see email quoted below 
> from debian-devel)

Well, if you follow the video from the talk of Erinn and Magni at
Debconf, you'll see someone suggesting exactly this (namely
myself). This should be about 1 hour from the beginning (I don't have
the video here).

This triggered a lot of reactions and not all of them were
positive. Most of the people reacting against it raised that this
would make us enter a kind of grey area where non technical
information is put in the database.

Please note that people who reacted against this proposal were most of
the time people who are known to be very supportive of the d-w
project, so this is actually a very debatable point.

(I remember about Gerfried Fuchs but several others gave their opinion
against this...while I remember of Frans Pop supporting it. Gerfried
and I talked a lot later about this issue...I guess he will explain
this here)

This is mostly why I mentioned during this discussion that I more or
less withdraw this proposal.

(which does not prevent discussing it: I still partly think this could
be interesting...but I'm pretty convinced that it will be very easy to
find a satisfactory way to implement it)

PS : I'm on my way to leave for holidays, which may explain why I
don't participate in the further discussion.

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