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Re: adding gender field on debian developer's database (from debian-devel)

Erinn Clark wrote:
> Well, I don't think it's very relevant and neither do a lot of people
> which is why it's unlikely to ever exist. 


> That said, I think it's mostly "interesting" from a statistical point
> of view. IIRC, this is why it came up during the DW talk at all --
> it's an easier way to gather statistics.

Maybe women would gain visibility in a way, but the drawback would be,
as already stated here before, that it would be a great db for
harrasers. And biased assumptions (also mentioned here before).

I don't find it too useful, or more useful than having an age field, or
a "favourite colour" field, or a religion or etnicity field. We already
have $orkut for that, an that is where it belongs (IMHO).

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