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Re: D-W web site part of the general Debian WWW infrastructure? (was: Re: translation to French)

Am Sonntag, 06.03.05 um 09:19 Uhr schrieb Christian Perrier:

I have no deep technical advice except that I'm pretty sure that the
d-w site would benefit the general infrastructure in some matter.

The real location should probably be discussed with the debian-www
mailing list contributors as well as other technical implications. I'm
pretty sure you'll find there very valuable input...probably by people
you already know by some other means..:-)

As I have worked on the debian main pages www.d.o and on packages.d.o. I know a bit about the infrastructure.

The main web pages consists of serveral parts (different cvs trees):
the cd pages
the document tree (debian-doc)
All of them seem to have different cvs access as the are different trees, but I am not sure about the access for writing, as I have no write access. Frank does the changes for packages.d.o and he and others those for www.d.o. I deliver the patches to them or the mailing list.

So if the d-w pages are included in the main CVS, really everyone who has access there, will be able to make changes. But if it is a different cvs tree, that should not be the case, I think. But I will ask about that.

Another issue is the different look and feel of several parts of the debian pages: packages.d.o and www.d.o look similar now as we tried to get it in sync using the same CSS. The CD pages look different and other parts, too. while some of the trees seem to use the main CSS partly now.

On the debian devel page there is a chapter about projects. d-w would fit into that menu. But d-w is not developers only, so it should be linked somewhere else.

From what I have seen so far in the www-tree, everyone seems to edit only pages, they feel responsible for, while the translators try to translate everything, if they have time and want to. In addition everyone edits minor errors and wrong links everywhere, if there is a bug report.

I ran in similar problems with the dicts, which I still want to be in the main tree. One of the DDs told me, that they would fit better in the doc tree. But I got no reaction of those making the pages, yet. The only one discussing about the dicts with me in debian-devel, says, he is not one of those making the pages.

The Debian Project mostly still looks like a jungle for me with many walls of silence and question marks. It is not easy to find someone who knows, how things work and who is responsible.

Hope this message gets through to the list. My last one seems not to have made its way yet.




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