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Women in science: Univ. of Helsinki numbers

I tried to send this once already, but as far as I can see, since I had
configured my laptop's mail system badly (read: not configured it after
all after a re-installation), it didn't go anywhere. My apologies if it
did go out and this is a repeat.
A friend of mine wrote in her web log about women in science:


She summarizes the table at


The table is in Finnish, a quick translation:

"ko" means "training programme", basically something that results in a
degree in a particular topic.

"biokemia" = biochemistry (the "n" suffix indicates possessive form)

"biologia" = biology

"farmaseutti" = apothecary

"fysikaalisten tieteiden ko" = programme for physical sciences

"geologia" = geology

"kemia" = chemistry

"kemian, biokemian ja geologian ko ryhmä" = the group of study
programmes for chemistry, biochemistry, and geology (I've no idea what
that involves)

"maantiede" = geology

"matematiikka" = mathematics

"proviisori" = apothecary again (or close enough)

"tietojenkäsittelytiede" = computer science

"ympäristöekologia" = environmental ecology

"filosofian lisensiaatin opinnot, ml" = people studying for a
licensiate's degree in sciences (something between MSc and PhD)

"farmasian lisensiaatin opinnot" = people studying pharmacy

"filosofian tohtorin opinnot, ml" = people studying for a PhD in

"farmasian tohtorin opinnot" = people studying for a PhD in pharmacy

"matemaattis-luonnontieteellinen yht" = totals for the math and science

"alempi" = lower degree (BSc, I think)

"ylempi" = upper degree (MSc, I think)

"Jatko" = post-graduation (licenciate and doctorate)

"yht" = total

"kaikki" = both sexes

"naisia" = women

The CS row says there are 2351 people studying for MSc, out of which 457
are women. No statistics exist about people aiming at a BSc (since
officially everyone is aiming at MSc), and also nothing about
post-graduation students specifically about CS.

This might or might not be useful for Hanna or other people who want to
use such numbers in debian-women related presentations or other stuff.

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