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Re: wiki test


	Sorry for the late reply, gotta problems with
mail server, IP addresses and firewalls! :)

Anja wrote:
:: As i said, i made a little wiki-demo using pmwiki.
:: You can take a look:
:: http://gaba.protest.net/debianwomen

	That's pretty good! :) Congratualtions and thanks.

:: It is in english by default, you can choose your language
:: in the top. But only english pages had been writes with
:: something as a little demo.


:: You only can edit in spanish, germand and portugusee groups,
:: english is with password.	
:: Comments are welcome and thank you Gaba for the host.

	I'm aware of the other replies to your original message.
I'm replying to the first message because I thought it is more

	My proposal is to use the Wiki as a "brainstorm" area
and fast feedback, considering this we should use part of the
site as a non-wiki area, under a CVS/SVN, managed by a "trust"
circle of individuals. The wiki area could be use to "feed"
the proposals and TODO requests.

	My idea and proposal is create a natural "flow" of
information, first ideas in the wiki, discussions in the
list, commits in the site.

	Probably we have (or the people in charge for the
project) to decide which areas are going to be public, which
ones are going to need a password and which ones are

	In this line, wiki and site should be very similar
but not identical (IMHO). Another aspect is the multi-language
feature, we should check the wiki compatibility with WML and
other ideas.

	Best regards,

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