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RE: acough tno carbide agitation bonnie Teen and innnocent little magnificent puussies! Bug#101411: spending time with you Bug#110721: did the two of you really sleep together? Bug#110721: hey babyyada Bug#111361: let's meet Bug#117453: Refill Notification By Bug#122453: Reorder Information From Bug#122614: Reorder Notification From Bug#123299: start making money asap. not 4 years later Bug#128674: probably you Bug#129203: Refill Notice By Bug#131404: Reorder Notice From Bug#133776: spending time with you Bug#135615: Reorder Notice From Bug#136061: Reorder Information From Bug#137917: want to meet? Bug#145498: Reorder Notice From Bug#146394: why are you anewsnirg my phnoe clals? Bug#147998: receive your diploma within days Bug#149568: want to meet? Bug#150636: Reorder Information From Bug#151711: marked as done (RFP: badurl -- Custom 403, 404's to slow CGI vulnerability scans (cgi tarpit)) Bug#156507: is it me you looking for? Bug#157729: is waht crihs siad ture? Bug#161227: hi muffin Bug#161415: we offer degrees in less than 2 weeks Bug#167189: hanging out with you Bug#167574: Isle Marshall Bug#169542: I've had enough of your bullshit Bug#170705: metting you Bug#171463: Reorder News By Bug#171950: marked as done (ITP: python-kiwi -- a graphical framework to construct simple UI) Bug#172601: Re: Bug#172781: getting to know you Bug#173733: Reorder Notice From Bug#176737: hey, are you there Bug#182233: ITP: bashish -- Theme environment for text terminals Bug#183674: he said we are getting a divorce Bug#183741: much love Bug#187557: Gvie it a try Bug#187557: Help Please.. Bug#188341: replying to e-mail Bug#188748: marked as done (ITP: zabbix -- Application and network monitoring) Bug#189523: my destiny Bug#190563: need a hug? Bug#193125: want to make real money? Bug#195813: marked as done (ITP: open21xx -- Free assembler and linker for ADSP-21xx DSPs) Bug#198828: Women will love you!!!! Bug#200591: men tihs is yuor chacne! Bug#200715: start making your life better, get a degree Bug#201305: chris said he is pissed at you Bug#201448: Status Bug#201692: probably you Bug#202556: chance of a lifetime Bug#203768: dont work your whole life Bug#203896: want to meet? Bug#204606: much love Bug#205392: jabref destiny Bug#205476: Many more Opportunities with a Degree Bug#206912: i've had enough of your bullshit Bug#216753: WNPP bug retitle Bug#224842: adopting xsysinfo Bug#232082: marked as done (ITP: gopchop -- GOP-accurate cuts-only editor for MPEG2 video files) Bug#233666: hanging out with you Bug#234854: marked as done (ITP: tinyscheme -- very, very lightweight embeddable Scheme interpreter) Bug#236706: Some stability issues Bug#236721: Squeak in Debian main Bug#240501: marked as done (RFP: utah-glx -- A hardware accelerated implementation of the GLX protocol.) Bug#241763: marked as done (ITP: mono-debugger -- Mono Debugger for .NET applications) Bug#244693: RFS: courierpassd Bug#246496: marked as done (RFP: rtir -- request tracker for incident response) Bug#248751: RFP: openmortal -- parody of popular fighting game - package proposal draft Bug#249965: mom loves you Bug#255484: Reopening bug Bug#258268: [ xchat-gnome_0.6-1_i386.changes REJECTED] Bug#258268: ITP: xchat-gnome -- GNOME interface for xchat Bug#259236: want to make more money? Bug#263126: marked as done (ITA: fftw -- Library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms) Bug#263131: marked as done (ITA: k6fftwgel -- Library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms on AMD K6-2) Bug#263132: marked as done (ITA: k7fftwgel -- Library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms on AMD K7) Bug#263133: marked as done (ITA: p4fftwgel -- Library for computing Fast Fourier Transforms on Intel P4) Bug#263417: marked as done (ITP: pysnmp -- Python implementation of SNMP v.1/v.2c engine) Bug#266986: marked as done (ITP: crasm -- Cross assembler for 6800/6801/6803/6502/65C02/Z80) Bug#271040: marked as done (ITP: nethogs -- small net top tool that groups bandwidth by process) Bug#271364: scilab-4.0 cdbs package Bug#271732: dbackup -- Package available Bug#274281: WNPP bug retitle Bug#274732: messagewall - remove from debian or not? Bug#275424: marked as done (RFP: -- Small audio CD player for GNUstep) Bug#276798: marked as done (RFP: alsa-firmware -- part of ALSA and needed for several cards) Bug#277426: marked as done (ITP: flumotion -- Fluendo Streaming Server for audio and video) Bug#278250: marked as done (ITP: grutatxt -- text to html (and other formats) converter) Bug#278581: ITP: kicad -- Electronic PCB suite Bug#279784: WNPP bug retitle Bug#279790: marked as done (ITA: libgtk-perl -- Perl module for the gtk+ library) Bug#279799: marked as done (O: libopengl-perl -- Perl module to display 3D data using OpenGL, GLU, GLUT, and GLX) Bug#280319: marked as done (ITP: libdbix-fulltextsearch-perl -- Indexing documents with MySQL as storage) Bug#280497: marked as done (RFP: iv -- An image viewer using the GIMP Toolkit (GTK) and Image Library (Imlib).) Bug#280722: WNPP bug retitle Bug#280954: marked as done (ITP: libcgi-wiki-plugin-categoriser-perl -- Category management for CGI::Wiki) Bug#280957: marked as done (ITP: libcgi-wiki-plugin-diff-perl -- format differences between two CGI::Wiki pages) Bug#280962: marked as done (ITP: libcgi-wiki-plugin-rss-reader-perl -- retrieve RSS feeds for inclusion in CGI::Wiki nodes) Bug#281025: marked as done (RFP: cursor-themes -- cursor themes at and/or Bug#282996: marked as done (RFP: cenon-astro-doc -- PDF documentation for the astro module for Bug#284039: existing debian packages Re: Bug#285233: ITP: undms -- unpacks DMS (Disk MaSher) floppy image archives Bug#285713: marked as done (RFP: sharity-light -- Portable, userland implementation of SMBFS) Bug#290304: marked as done (RFP: phonegaim -- instant messaging and voice over IP client) Bug#291992: marked as done (RFP: nnim -- No-Name Instant Messenger) Bug#292684: ITP: libnet-dbus-perl -- Perl extension for the DBus message system Bug#292684: RFS: libnet-dbus-perl -- Perl extension for the DBus message system Bug#293244: stego-snow -- Package available Bug#294061: marked as done (ITP: pear-package -- create debian packages from PEAR modules) Bug#294143: marked as done (RFP: ossalsalib -- simple ALSA emulation library based on OSS) Bug#295760: Does ktoon 0.8.0rc1 still need libming? Bug#295782: marked as done (ITP: bfilter -- Simple web filtering proxy with heuristic ad detection algorithm.) Bug#296871: marked as done (ITA: swi-prolog -- Prolog interpreter) Bug#297281: marked as done (ITP: pekwm -- Fast, efficient. light weight and pleasant looking window manager) Bug#297424: WNPP bug retitle Bug#298432: marked as done (RFP: teco -- Text Editor and COrector) Bug#298710: marked as done (RFP: or1ksim -- OpenRISC 1000 architectural simulator) Bug#298730: marked as done (ITP: balazar -- 3D adventure and roleplaying game) Bug#298763: marked as done (ITP: skype -- Internet telephony that just works) Bug#299186: marked as done (RFP: tetribot -- multiserver capable AI bot for tetrinet) Bug#300099: marked as done (ITA: hp48cc -- C-like compiler which produces HP48 RPN) Bug#300232: marked as done (ITA: libhttp-ghttp-perl -- Perl module for using the Gnome ghttp library) Bug#302299: WNPP bug retitle Bug#303617: WNPP bug retitle Bug#304330: Overtake ITP Bug#304826: WNPP bug retitle Bug#305340: marked as done (RFP: libsha2 -- C implementation of SHA-2 algorithms) Bug#305573: Another package of kio-sword Bug#306328: marked as done (ITP: scavr -- Squid ClamAV Redirector) Bug#309197: xtmix -- Simple, yet feature rich audio controller/mixed (need sponsor) Bug#309646: marked as done (ITP: emile -- bootloader for Linux/m68k kernels for MacOS) Bug#309669: kscope rejected Bug#309669: marked as done (ITP: kscope -- Source Editing Environment for KDE) Bug#309860: marked as done (ITP: xfce4-genmon-plugin -- Generic Monitor for the Xfce4 panel) Bug#309861: marked as done (ITP: xfce4-quicklauncher-plugin -- rapid launcher plugin for the Xfce4 panel) Bug#310258: ITP for nautilus-open-terminal Bug#310627: marked as done (RFP: clusternfs -- NFS server that allows multiple simultaneous clients) Bug#310836: marked as done (ITP: smuxi -- IRC client for advanced users) Bug#310837: marked as done (ITP: libsmartirc4net-cil -- IRC library for CLI (.NET)) Bug#310910: marked as done (ITP: ubench -- Unix Benchmark Utility) Bug#310920: Need help with HaXML? Bug#310932: marked as done (ITP: nab -- molecular manipulation language [med-bio-dev]) Bug#310934: marked as done (ITP: rnamotif -- RNA search for secondary structure motifs [med-bio]) Bug#310962: marked as done (ITP: gcjlib-anttasks -- gcjlib-anttasks is an Ant task for building native shared libraries suitable for use with gcj.) Bug#311069: marked as done (ITP: flyway -- General aviation flight planner) Bug#311070: marked as done (ITP: fplan -- General aviation flight planner) Bug#311127: find++ -- Package available Bug#311217: marked as done (ITP: lmc -- lmc is a database utility which retrieves and stores information on video media files) Bug#311245: marked as done (RFP: deplate -- a converter for wiki-like markup) Bug#311247: marked as done (RFP: detox -- filename cleaner) Bug#311248: marked as done (RFP: gtk2-engines-experience -- eXperience GTK2.x theming engine) Bug#311249: marked as done (RFP: gprename -- GUI batch file renamer based on Gtk-Perl) Bug#311275: marked as done (RFP: snackamp -- multi-platform audio player for large collections) Bug#311322: marked as done (RFP: xps -- Show processes as a colored graphical tree. ) Bug#311323: marked as done (ITP: gnopstree -- Display running processes as a tree or forest (GTK+),) Bug#311323: marked as done (RFP: gnopstree -- Display running processes as a tree or forest (GTK+)) Bug#311332: marked as done (ITP: gofax -- Fax solution based on hylafax and LDAP) Bug#311421: marked as done (ITP: haploview -- [Biology] visualisation of SNP data with linkage disequilibrium [med-bio]) Bug#311479: marked as done (ITP: nexuiz -- 3D shooter game) Bug#311479: Nexuiz: status update? Bug#311597: One year later, any progress? Bug#311834: marked as done (ITP: kahua -- Web application framework written in Gauche, a Scheme interpreter) Bug#311876: marked as done (ITP: bulmacont -- Acounting software) Bug#311986: marked as done (ITP: scim-input-pad -- on-screen input pad IM engine module for SCIM) Bug#311997: marked as done (ITP: gaim-latex -- gaim plugin wich translate LaTeX code into image in conversation) Bug#312236: marked as done (ITP: ackertodo -- A lightweight todo list manager) Bug#312269: marked as done (ITP: emile -- Early Mac Image LoadEr, a bootloader for m68k macs) Bug#312413: Status of serendipity ITP Bug#312491: marked as done (ITP: chalow -- weblog tool that converts ChangeLog to HTML) Bug#312819: RFP: olive -- console RSS reader Bug#312820: marked as done (RFP: tesseracttrainer -- view a 4d hypercube) Bug#312834: marked as done (O: libapache-authnetldap-perl -- LDAP authentication for Apache+mod_perl) Bug#312897: marked as done (ITP: texlive-bin -- The TeXlive system packaged for debian) Bug#313505: marked as done (ITP: gekkoware -- web content management system with expansion in mind) Bug#313595: marked as done (ITP: htpdate -- daemon to synchronize the local time via HTTP from a webserver) Bug#313614: marked as done (RFP: gtk+extra-2.0 -- A useful set of widgets for GTK+ 2.0) Bug#313614: RFP: gtk+extra-2.0 -- A useful set of widgets for GTK+ 2.0 Bug#314452: marked as done (ITP: xfplan -- Xwindows general aviation flight planner) Bug#314709: marked as done (ITP: tclkit -- runtime for .kit Tcl applications (Starkits)) Bug#314757: marked as done (RFP: mpeg2vidcodec -- This is the reference implementation of the MPEG codec from the MPEG Software Group. It is needed for ImageMagick to support MPEG files) Bug#314915: marked as done (ITP: gifshuffle -- GIF colourmap steganography program) Bug#315373: marked as done (ITP: openvanilla -- An input method and output filter framework.) Bug#315891: Status of Sabayon Bug#315891: Status of sabayon Bug#316195: O: cutter Bug#316872: libssh request, any sponsor for it Bug#317063: WNPP bug retitle Bug#317568: idx-tsunami -> tsung Bug#318461: marked as done (ITP: php-soap -- module PEAR with SOAP Client/Server for PHP) Bug#319201: marked as done (ITP: kiax -- IAX client application) Bug#320364: marked as done (ITP: libevent-rpc-perl -- Event based transparent Client/Server RPC framework) Bug#320623: First version of monouml Bug#321808: marked as done (ITA: ecb -- Code browser for several languages for Emacs.) Bug#322282: marked as done (ITP: swapspace -- Dynamic swap space manager) Bug#323677: ITA: mgm -- A highly configurable, very gaudy system load meter Bug#323689: Patch from debian package Bug#324963: marked as done (ITP: mozilla-thunderbird-locales -- Language packages for Thunderbird) Bug#325086: ITP: libsieve2 -- library for parsing, sorting and filtering e-mail Bug#327473: Available in my repository Bug#329323: marked as done (ITP: monsterz -- arcade puzzle game) Bug#329676: ITP: cashutil -- GnuCash command line interface and shell Bug#330601: ITP: libiec61883 -- an partial implementation of IEC 61883 Bug#330896: marked as done (ITP: pyflakes -- simple python source checker) Bug#333194: marked as done (ITA: libterm-prompt-perl -- Perl extension for prompting a user for information) Bug#333387: marked as done (ITP: festival-czech -- Czech support for Festival speech synthesis system) Bug#333392: marked as done (ITP: rkward -- A KDE frontend to the R statistics language) Bug#333695: Bug#304330: Overtake ITP Bug#333756: Upstream SVN established Bug#334937: marked as done (RFP: python2.4-json -- a JSON ( reader and writer for Python) Bug#335238: ITP: kbfx -- KDE "Start Button" with extra functionality Bug#335555: Update Bug#336601: marked as done (ITP: voice-czech-ph -- Czech diphone voice for Festival) Bug#337096: excited about daap-sharp Bug#337220: Don't need libxindice-java anymore Bug#337578: ITP: slim -- simple login manager: Any news? Bug#338128: miredo: alternative package available Bug#338128: Plans to integrate in Debian? Bug#338174: marked as done (ITP: systemtap -- instrumentation system for Linux) Bug#338635: marked as done (ITP: kde-style-polyester -- Polyester widget style and kwin decoration for KDE3) Bug#338657: marked as done (ITP: buoh -- GNOME online strips comics reader) Bug#338677: #338677 RFP: mogwai-er-designer -- an ER modeller for most common RBDMSes Bug#338677: marked as done (RFP: mogwai-er-designer -- an ER modeller for most common RBDMSes) Bug#338692: marked as done (ITP: python-pyprotocols -- Open Protocols and Component Adaptation for Python) Bug#338698: marked as done (ITP: python-ruledispatch -- Rule-based Dispatching and Generic Functions) Bug#338808: marked as done (ITP: democracyplayer -- a GTK+ based RSS video aggregator) Bug#339599: marked as done (ITP: rt2570 -- rt2570 module) Bug#340000: marked as done (ITP: cmus -- C* music player - text mode audio player) Bug#340144: kde-guidance coming to debian Bug#341242: marked as done (ITP: minisip -- SIP phone, with GTK+ interface) Bug#342801: ITA: c2hs -- C->Haskell Interface Generator Bug#342907: marked as done (ITP: libmodule-corelist-perl -- what modules shipped with versions of perl) Bug#342918: marked as done (ITA: manderlbot -- An IRC bot, written in erlang) Bug#342918: Ping re: manderlbot Bug#344562: marked as done (ITP: latexmk -- Latexmk is a perl script for running LaTeX the correct number of times) Bug#345042: marked as done (RFP: gstreamer-pitfdll -- GStreamer plugin that allows the use of binary files) Bug#345277: marked as done (ITP: memories -- a web-based photo sharing application) Bug#345662: marked as done (ITP: texmaker -- Free LaTeX editor) Bug#345806: marked as done (ITP: texmaker -- Free LaTeX editor) Bug#347469: marked as done (ITA: installwatch -- Track installation of local software) Bug#347547: What's up with this ITA Bug#347558: marked as done (RFP: apparmor -- an application security framework for high security and easy usabilty) Bug#348101: marked as done (ITP: kde-icons-korilla -- blue version of gorilla icons for kde) Bug#348103: marked as done (ITP: kde-icons-gorilla -- gorilla icons for kde) Bug#349245: wmitime -- Package available Bug#350231: License prevents packaging Bug#350432: marked as done (ITP: cubictemp -- small, elegant, Python-specific templating system) Bug#350457: marked as done (RFP: libapache2-mod-mime-xattr -- Apache module for storing a file's MIME type in an extended attribute (EA) ("user.mime_type")) Bug#350464: picard 0.7 package Bug#350719: ITP: omegat -- translation memory application for professional translators Bug#350740: SeaMonkey 1.0.x: Let's schedule a weekend for this Bug#350740: seamonkey packaging Bug#351026: ttf-sil-padauk Bug#351069: marked as done (ITP: knetworkmanager -- system tray applet for controlling NetworkManager) Bug#351429: marked as done (ITP: flasm -- command line assembler & disassembler of Flash ActionScript bytecode) Bug#351688: slurm-llnl Debian package Bug#352073: marked as done (ITP: ferret -- GNU Free Entity Relationship and Reverse Engineering Tool) Bug#352153: any progress Bug#352353: wmfrog -- Package available Bug#352430: fspanel -- Package available Bug#352440: wmshutdown -- Package available Bug#352535: ghost-mail -- Package available Bug#352537: marked as done (ITA: rosegarden2 -- An integrated MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor) Bug#352541: marked as done (ITA: rosegarden4 -- music editor and MIDI/audio sequencer) Bug#352541: rosegarden{,2,4] in NEW queue Bug#352543: marked as done (ITA: rosegarden -- An integrated MIDI sequencer and musical notation editor) Bug#352563: marked as done (ITP: libglib-java -- glib bindings for Java) Bug#352614: marked as done (ITA: gnokii -- datasuite for the mobile phones (console & X)) Bug#352653: RFP: libdomainkeys Bug#352663: marked as done (ITA: libbusiness-onlinepayment-tclink-perl -- TrustCommerce backend for Business::OnlinePayment) Bug#352664: marked as done (ITA: libnet-tclink-perl -- Perl interface to the TrustCommerce payment gateway) Bug#352822: marked as done (ITP: pangoxsl -- additional XSL atttributes for Pango) Bug#353063: Lithuanian localization link Bug#353063: marked as done (ITP: mozilla-thunderbird-locales -- Language packages for Thunderbird) Bug#353353: Licensing problems with appWeb Bug#353365: gt5 -- Package available Bug#353391: Koules ITA status Bug#353629: edb -- Package available Bug#353631: #353631: ITA: cmail -- A mail user agent for GNU Emacs Bug#353634: marked as done (ITA: windows-el -- Window manager for GNU Emacs) Bug#353954: marked as done (ITP: -- AOL Instant Messenger client for GNUstep) Bug#354150: marked as done (ITP: libgpiv -- Library for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)) Bug#354152: marked as done (ITP: gpivtools -- Command line programs for Particle Image Velocimetry) Bug#354155: marked as done (ITP: gpiv -- Graphic User Interface program for Particle Image Velocimetry) Bug#354497: marked as done (ITA: mrt -- Multi-threaded Routing Toolkit GP4+/BGP/RIPng/RIP2)) Bug#354557: RFP: libpam-script -- PAM module that runs a script on session open and close Bug#354626: ITA: glosstex -- Prepare glossaries and lists of acronyms Bug#354626: marked as done (ITA: glosstex -- Prepare glossaries and lists of acronyms) Bug#354803: marked as done (ITP: stx2any -- A converter from structured plaintext to multiple formats) Bug#354974: ITA: yaboot -- Yet Another Bootloader Bug#354974: O: yaboot -- Yet Another Bootloader Bug#354976: bbweather -- Package available Bug#355415: marked as done (ITP: libacr38 -- drivers for ACR38 smartcard reader) Bug#355926: marked as done (ITP: nini -- CLI library for managing configuration files) Bug#356492: RFS: Bug#356492: Spout package ready for upload Bug#357350: marked as done (ITA: libtext-glob-perl -- Match globbing patterns against text) Bug#357754: ace-of-penguins -- Package available Bug#357869: marked as done (ITA: xfonts-thai-ttf -- Thai TrueType fonts from NECTEC) Bug#357878: marked as done (ITA: xfonts-thai -- A collection of thai fonts for X) Bug#357879: marked as done (ITA: xfonts-thai-etl -- Thai etl fonts for X) Bug#357880: marked as done (ITA: xfonts-thai-manop -- Dr.Manop Wongsaisuwan's) Bug#357881: marked as done (ITA: xfonts-thai-nectec -- Thai fixed fonts for X from Nectec) Bug#357882: marked as done (ITA: xfonts-thai-vor -- Voradesh Yenbut bitmap fonts for X) Bug#358080: moving forward Bug#358231: checkinstall Bug#358231: marked as done (ITA: checkinstall -- installation tracker) Bug#358453: marked as done (ITP: num-utils -- programs for dealing with numbers from the command line) Bug#358657: marked as done (ITP: libsl -- memory-efficient generic linked list library) Bug#358659: marked as done (ITP: libggtl -- generic game-tree search library) Bug#358801: adoption of libdata-compare-perl Bug#358801: Debian "libdata-compare-perl" package (bug #358801) Bug#358801: RFA: libdata-compare-perl -- Compare two perl data structures recursively. Bug#358878: Transmission packaging attempt Bug#358897: marked as done (ITP: libtext-format-ruby -- Ruby library for text formatting) Bug#358979: Any news? Bug#358979: satus of pyvnc2swf Bug#359189: marked as done (ITP: libgssapi -- A mechanism-switch gssapi library) Bug#359278: marked as done (ITP: rhinote -- virtual sticky-notes for your desktop) Bug#359648: marked as done (ITP: librpcsecgss -- allows secure rpc communication using the rpcsec_gss protocol) Bug#360092: marked as done (ITP: kmplayer -- media player for KDE) Bug#360327: marked as done (ITA: sgf2tex -- Creates TeX files from Go game records) Bug#360516: marked as done (ITP: aspell-ar -- Arabic aspell dictionary) Bug#360635: marked as done (ITP: libropkg-perl -- general purpose classes for simba) Bug#360636: marked as done (ITP: simba -- next generation mirroring tool) Bug#360722: xsnap -- Package available Bug#360868: marked as done (ITP: kernel-patch-openvz -- Kernel patch for openvz virtual server support) Bug#360942: marked as done (ITA: xboard -- An X Window System Chess Board) Bug#360947: marked as done (ITA: texi2html -- Convert Texinfo files to HTML) Bug#361151: marked as done (ITA: sgf2tex -- Creates TeX files from Go game records) Bug#361155: marked as done (ITP: sgf2dg -- Creates TeX files from Go game records) Bug#361158: marked as done (ITP: libpostscript-file-perl -- Base class for creating Adobe PostScript files) Bug#361159: marked as done (ITP: libpdf-create-perl -- create PDF files) Bug#361400: Package available Bug#361682: marked as done (ITP: dialign -- Segment-based multiple sequence alignment) Bug#361756: marked as done (ITP: cobex -- obex-client over cable) Bug#362266: marked as done (ITP: scribus-ng -- developmental version of the desktop publishing program Scribus) Bug#362793: marked as done (ITP: sks-ecc -- Cryptographic tool based on ECC) Bug#362809: marked as done (ITP: libcrypt-openssl-bignum-perl -- Perl module to access OpenSSL multipresicion integer arithmetic libraries.) Bug#362953: marked as done (ITP: libcrypt-openssl-dsa-perl -- Perl module which implements the DSA signature verification system.) Bug#362956: marked as done (ITP: libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl -- Perl module providing basic RSA functionality.) Bug#362957: marked as done (ITP: libcrypt-openssl-random-perl -- Perl module for RSA encoding and decoding, using the OpenSSL libraries.) Bug#362967: marked as done (ITP: libapp-info-perl -- Provide metadata about software packages installed) Bug#363467: marked as done (ITP: xfce4-dev-tools -- Script to help building Xfce from svn) Bug#363503: marked as done (ITA: distributed-net -- donate unused CPU cycles - client for [non-free]) Bug#363568: marked as done (ITP: lingot -- accurate and easy to use musical instrument tuner) Bug#363685: marked as done (ITP: libclass-mop-perl -- A Meta Object Protocol for Perl 5) Bug#364034: truecrypt license is unclear Bug#364066: marked as done (ITP: libdata-buffer-perl -- Read/write buffer class for perl) Bug#364073: marked as done (ITP: libntlm -- NTLM authentication library) Bug#364082: marked as done (ITP: python-markdown -- text-to-HTML conversion library/tool) Bug#364258: marked as done (ITP: lzma -- Default and general compression method of 7z format in 7-Zip program) Bug#364266: marked as done (ITP: libclass-delegator-perl -- Perl module for a simple and fast object-oriented delegation) Bug#364317: marked as done (ITP: weather-util -- command-line tool to obtain weather conditions and forecasts) Bug#364360: marked as done (ITP: kwin-style-crystal -- semi transperant window decoration) Bug#364445: marked as done (ITP: weechat-scripts -- Script collection for weechat IRC client) Bug#364485: miwm -- Package available Bug#364606: RFH: lirc -- Linux Infra-red Remote Control support Bug#364613: marked as done (ITP: libmoose-perl -- Extension of the Perl 5 object system) Bug#364746: marked as done (ITP: libtest-longstring-perl -- Tests strings for equality, with more helpful failures) Bug#364955: marked as done (ITP: festvox-czech-ph -- Czech male speaker for Festival) Bug#365073: ITP: zimpl -- mathematical modeling language for optimization problems Bug#365087: marked as done (ITP: debcheck -- Checks whether dependencies of debian packages can be satisfied) Bug#365090: marked as done (ITP: php-net-ftp -- provides an OO interface to the PHP FTP functions) Bug#365093: marked as done (ITP: php-net-dime -- class implements DIME encoding) Bug#365142: marked as done (ITP: libuniversal-isa-perl -- Safer version of UNIVERSAL::isa) Bug#365167: marked as done (ITP: remote-tty -- multiuser "tip"/"cu" replacement with logging) Bug#365249: marked as done (ITP: easypg -- yet another GnuPG interface for Emacs) Bug#365303: marked as done (ITP: democracyplayer -- a GTK+ based RSS video aggregator) Bug#365344: marked as done (ITP: kalign -- Global and progressive multiple sequence alignment) Bug#365425: marked as done (ITP: haxe -- Web programming languge generating Flash SWF) Bug#365499: marked as done (ITP: probcons -- PROBabilistic CONSistency-based multiple sequence alignment) Bug#365501: marked as done (ITP: xchat-guile -- Guile scripting plugin for XChat) Bug#365509: marked as done (ITP: xfce4-messenger-plugin -- dbus messages plugin for xfce4-panel) Bug#365519: marked as done (ITP: xfce4-screenshooter-plugin -- Screenshots plugin for Xfce panel) Bug#365532: marked as done (ITP: xfce4-xfapplet-plugin -- Gnome applets plugin for Xfce panel) Bug#365627: marked as done (ITP: magpierss -- provides an XML-based (expat) RSS parser in PHP) Bug#365672: xetex packaging Bug#365674: marked as done (ITP: xfce4-taskmanager -- process manager for the Xfce4 Desktop Environment) Bug#365728: ITP: helium -- functional programming language and a compiler designed especially for learning Haskell Bug#365817: marked as done (ITP: libmp4-info-perl -- Fetch info from MPEG-4 files) Bug#365951: marked as done (ITP: ifpgui -- QT based iRiver iFP media player manager) Bug#366033: marked as done (ITP: python-paste -- Tools for using a Web Server Gateway Interface stack) Bug#366041: marked as done (ITP: python-pastedeploy -- Load, configure, and compose WSGI applications and servers) Bug#366069: marked as done (ITP: fusesmb -- filesystem client based on the samba file transfer protocol) Bug#366160: marked as done (ITP: qgit -- git GUI viewer built on Qt) Bug#366189: marked as done (ITP: python-routes -- Routing Recognition and Generation Tools) Bug#366199: marked as done (ITP: supertuxkart -- a kart racing game) Bug#366244: marked as done (ITP: python-pastescript -- serving up web applications, creating file layouts for python packages) Bug#366246: marked as done (ITP: libuniversal-can-perl -- Safer version of UNIVERSAL::can) Bug#366249: marked as done (ITP: libsub-install-perl -- Install subroutines into packages easily) Bug#366285: marked as done (ITP: ajaxterm -- web based terminal written in python) Bug#366360: marked as done (RFP: gtkmm2.8 -- C++ wrappers for GTK+ 2.8) Bug#366372: marked as done (ITP: python-configobj -- a simple but powerful config file reader and writer for Python) Bug#366547: marked as done (ITP: xmlrpc++ -- XML-RPC library for C++) Bug#366551: team for request-tracker3.4 Bug#366554: marked as done (ITP: cdck -- verifies the quality of written CDs/DVDs) Bug#366617: marked as done (ITP: php-net-ldap -- interface for searching and manipulating LDAP-entries) Bug#366618: marked as done (ITP: cdck -- A simple program to verify CD/DVD quality) Bug#366684: marked as done (ITP: pyfits -- Python module for reading, writing, and manipulating FITS files) Bug#366747: marked as done (ITP: mp3val -- A program for MPEG audio stream validation) Bug#366806: ITA: bcm5700-source -- module source for Broadcom's bcm5700 ethernet Bug#366859: marked as done (ITP: libwiki-toolkit-perl -- A toolkit for building Wikis) Bug#366879: marked as done (ITP: libodbc++ -- C++ library for ODBC SQL database access) Bug#366984: marked as done (ITP: klone -- web application development framework) Bug#367028: marked as done (ITP: cpulimit -- limits the cpu usage of a process) Bug#367112: marked as done (ITP: advancecomp -- collection of recompression utilities) Bug#367116: marked as done (ITP: airport-utils -- configuration and management utilities for the Apple AirPort wireless base stations) Bug#367200: marked as done (ITP: libemail-send-perl -- Simply Sending Email) Bug#367240: marked as done (ITP: libtest-html-content-perl -- Perl extension for testing HTML output) Bug#367285: marked as done (ITP: turbojson -- TurboGears template plugin that supports json) Bug#367391: marked as done (ITP: dvipost -- Dvipost is a post processor for dvi files to support change bars and overstrike mode) Bug#367628: debiant alpha pckg for thunar-archive-plugin Bug#367628: [Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#367628: debiant alpha pckg for thunar-archive-plugin Bug#367654: marked as done (ITP: gavl -- Gmerlin Audio Video Library) Bug#367710: closed by Christoph Haas <> (Bug#367710: fixed in bsc 2.21-1) Bug#367710: marked as done (ITP: bscommander -- An orthodox file manager for qt/KDE) Bug#367893: marked as done (ITP: digitools -- A set of tools to control ASUS Digimatrix embedded hardware) Bug#367959: marked as done (ITP: otrs2 -- Open Ticket Request System version 2) Bug#368071: marked as done (ITA: yaws -- high performance HTTP 1.1 webserver written in Erlang) Bug#368204: marked as done (ITP: unpaper -- post-processing tool for scanned pages) Bug#368275: ITP: overgod -- bi-directional scrolling arcade game Bug#368275: marked as done (ITP: overgod -- bi-directional scrolling arcade game) Bug#368291: Sorry for closing the wrong bug Bug#368370: SASL2 (Bug#368370) Bug#368370: SASL2 crypt patch Bug#368371: marked as done (ITP: gp2c -- PARI/GP GP to C compiler) Bug#368438: marked as done (ITP: xwota -- simple client for the WOTA Database) Bug#368439: marked as done (ITP: xtlf -- contesting program) Bug#368551: marked as done (ITP: xml-security-c -- C++ library for XML Digital Signatures) Bug#368553: marked as done (ITP: libparallel-forkmanager-perl -- A simple parallel processing fork manager for Perl) Bug#368581: marked as done (ITP: libdatetime-format-strptime-perl -- Parse and format strp and strf time patterns) Bug#368692: marked as done (ITP: cvschangelogbuilder -- perl utility to generate ChangeLogs or html CVS reports) Bug#368826: marked as done (ITP: bootsplash -- Enables a graphical boot screen) Bug#368828: marked as done (ITP: bootsplash-theme-debian -- The bootsplash theme debian) Bug#368861: marked as done (ITP: libdevel-cycle-perl -- Find memory cycles in perl objects) Bug#368931: license in files Bug#368966: marked as done (ITP: pympd -- Frontend for mpd in the style of rhythmbox and itunes) Bug#369065: marked as done (ITA: xboing -- Blockout game for X) Bug#369087: ITP: python-wordnet -- a python interface to wordnet Bug#369095: marked as done (O: plucker -- Pluck stuff from the web and read it on your PalmOS device) Bug#369095: Orphaning plucker? Bug#369166: marked as done (ITA: distributed-net -- donate unused CPU cycles - client for [non-free]) The last update was on 14:59 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1066 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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