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Bug#236721: Squeak in Debian main


I had hoped, as Petter suggested in the Squeak RFP #236721, that Squeak
could now go into Debian main because the font issues have been
resolved, as Debian Jr. would like to include Squeak in the
junior-programming metapackage.  However, it seems Roland's points here
are not yet addressed in the RFP:

(3) Clause 6 states: "You may not use or otherwise export or reexport
the Apple Software except as authorized by United States law and the
laws of the jurisdiction in which the Apple Software was obtained. In
particular, but without limitation, the Apple Software may not be
exported or reexported (i) into (or to a national or resident of) any
U.S. embargoed country [...]"

Which seems to violate DFSG.5 ("No Discrimination Against Persons or
Groups") since it explicitly excludes people in countries like Cuba (?)
from receiving copies of this package. I don't think we can maintain a
list of countries which the USA enforce an embargo on at a time.

(4) The distributed files squeak.changes and squeak.image, both around
10MB, are shipped in binary form. I wonder if there should be source
code to create them initially. (See DFSG.2, "Source Code")

Has any progress been made with these last remaining issues?  I notice
that we list this software as unpackageable due to license issues, yet
the RFP remains on the books, which leaves the situation ambiguous.



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