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Bug#312820: marked as done (RFP: tesseracttrainer -- view a 4d hypercube)

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Package: tesseracttrainer

Version: 0.1.4




I've written a package called Tesseract Trainer.  It appears to work and is getting a reasonable response here:




If somebody would like to package this for Debian I’d be most grateful.  A selection of source packages can be found at http://mushware.com/dload.php?action="">.  PAD files can be found in amongst http://mushware.com/files.



Tesseract Trainer generates a full screen real time display of a rotating tesseract - the equivalent of the cube in 4 dimensions. This app also adds point textures, which give you a feel of what each of the eight faces are doing. There's a stereoscopic option which adds 3D depth to the projection from 4D, music and numerous options to play with. I'm very keen to get feedback as to whether anyone can 'see' the 4D effect here.


The application contains a number of unique features. Point textures convey the orientation of each of the faces as the hypercube rotates. The two invariant planes of the rotation are shown. Any number of faces can be drawn, so each can be followed in turn. The facets of each face can be textured, and faces on each axis are shown in different colours to distinguish them. A manual is provided in PDF format, together with key control help whilst the application is running. Display resolution can be selected to match the display. Finally, some experimental seven-time music creates a bit of atmosphere.



GPL-able, mostly public domain 



Andy Southgate




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This is an automatic mail sent to close the RFP you have reported or 
are involved with.

Your RFP wnpp bug is being closed because of the following reasons:
- It is, as of today, older than 365 days.
- It hasn't had any activity recently.

As this is an automatic procedure, it could of course have something
wrong and probably it would be closing some bugs that are not 
intended by owners and submitters (like you) to be closed, for
example if the RFP is still of your interest, or there has been 
some kind of activity around it. In that case, please reopen the
bug, do it, DO IT NOW! (I don't want to be blamed because of
mass closing and not let people know that they can easily reopen
their bugs ;-).

To re-open it, you simply have to mail control@bugs.debian.org
with a body text like this:

reopen 312820
thanks bts

Further comments on the work done in the bug sent to
312820@bugs.debian.org would be truly welcomed.
Anyway, if you have any kind of problems when dealing with
the BTS, feel free to contact me and I'd be more than happy to help
you on this: <damog@debian.org>.

A similar process is being applied to other kind of wnpp bugs.

Thanks for your cooperation,

 -- David Moreno Garza <damog@debian.org>.

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