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Re: ***UNCHECKED*** Re: Willingness to share a position statement?

Hi Roberto,

On 25.03.21 18:59, Roberto C. Sánchez wrote:

> I understand that it is not always possible to be completely apolitical,
> even for Debian as an organization.

Pretty much everything Debian does is political.

Free software enables users' technical autonomy, and this completely
shifts power dynamics, to the extent that it allows communities that
aren't served by software and service providers to organize themselves.
This shift is a political process, and it is one explicitly desired.

The same communities give us feedback and also contribute back, and the
"technical" decisions we make based on that also have political
consequences. Communities with opposing political goals also make
technical recommendations that have political effects, and we'd do our
users a great disservice if we ignored that.

If the NSA suggests a random number generator, that is a political
action. Scrutinizing it is a political action. Shipping cryptographic
software is a political action. We wouldn't take a "neutral" stance
there, even though it is only tangentially related to free software,
because our priorities are "free software and our users."

Likewise, the free software community is a large part of what our users
come into contact with, and the conditions they find there will
determine the outcome for them. That, too, is part of our core mission,
closer to it in fact than the question of availability and security of
cryptographic software, and neither can we ignore it nor is there a
neutral option nor would a neutral option if it existed be in the
interest of our users.


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