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Re: Willingness to share a position statement?

Hello Sandro,

Sandro Tosi [2021-03-25 12:21 -0400]:
> That scares me. what will happen to the list of people who disagree
> with the ratification of the statement by Debian as a project? The
> people that are so strongly pushing for this (and many other) actions
> will have a list of (in their eyes) good and bad Debian members.

As this is is a highly political, divisive, and personal topic, not a technical
one, I'd really hope that this would be a secret vote, much like the Debian
leader voting?

You bring up a good point here. If this is going to be an open vote, then this
is senseless political power play, and will only kindle the fire.

> And of course "nothing will happen, this is democracy at work", but
> how can *I* be sure of that? how can anybody be sure that there wont
> be anyone going thru decades of emails, twits, etc to find something
> "incriminating" for those people, because they disagree with them? how
> can i feel safe to vote no or FD in this GR?

Exactly -- if this is an open vote, I'm afraid that would merely force a
(possibly) large number of Debian members to not vote at all. Honestly, in that
light I haven't made up my mind yet either what to do..

> Why are you dragging Debian's name into this? We are not a political
> entity, we are (in our own words:
> https://www.debian.org/intro/philosophy) "an association of
> individuals who have made common cause to create a free operating
> system".
> So go ahead, make your individuality be heard, sign (or not sign, it's
> up to YOU!) the open letter as who you are, but please leave Deiban,
> our technical project, outside of this fight.

Exactly -- big +1



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