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Willingness to share a position statement?


I hope not to be too inflamatory with this. As you are surely aware,
last week Richard Stallman was reinstated as part of the Board of
Directors of the FSF. That is something deeply disturbing and
confidence-shattering for many of us.

Some people have moved to action -- if nothing more, at least to
express they are disgusted with the turn of events, and to say the
organizations they represent believe it to be detrimental to the FSF's
own image and projection into the future. Particularly, I mean the
following two pages, of very different nature:


Now, as for my question: I thought repeatedly over the last couple of
days whether to start something like this in Debian... But, what would
it take for the project to issue a statement in this line? Would we
have to pass a GR?

I am sure there is a precedent of a position statement being announced
without having a formal vote about it, but I cannot find it at the
moment. Sruthi, Jonathan: What is your take on this? If you were a DPL
today, would you feel OK issuing a position statement on behalf of the

(Of course, it is completely possible you don't share my views on
this... If so, lets make the answer hypothetical, about a "current
event" that could be happening, and for which expressing a message
with timeliness was important)

(And yes, with this I am probably forcing you to disclose a position
on the subject... I'm sorry for that. But I think that, as a candidate
for the DPL position, knowing your position on the issue also makes

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