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Re: Willingness to share a position statement?

Daniel Lenharo <lenharo@debian.org> writes:

> Em 24/03/2021 18:53, Jonathan Carter escreveu:
>> I'm comfortable making a statement on behalf of the project if
>> necessary. On this particular issue, I feel it's better that individual
>> developers go and make their voices heard. That said, I will also
>> respect the outcome of the GR and follow it if it completes within my term.
>> -Jonathan
> i didn't understand why people can't sign the letter individually.
> I wouldn't like to see my name associate with an action like this.

I can certainly understand that it is very uncomfortable if some
organisation one is associated with adopts a stance you are unable to
support for whatever reason, in a way that implies that you do support it.

That being the case, would it suffice (in the case where the GR gets
approved) for it to be announced with something like:

  Having passed a General Resolution by majority vote[1],
  the Debian project ...

so that it is very clear that there is room for dissenting opinion, and
with a link to the vote page so that anyone that is interested can
easily discover how individuals voted on the issue?

Cheers, Phil.
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