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Re: How to leverage money to accomplish high impact Debian projects

On 23.03.21 17:28, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
> If Debian paid for working on orphaned packages, then I would probably 
> orphan some of the packages I now maintain as a volunteer, to then work 
> on those same packages for pay.

First, I think that at least two alternative scenarios have to be taken
into consideration:
  (1) Someone else who is interested in the package picks it up
  (2) There is not much interest in the package anyway, and it gets
      removed from the archive

> I would not consider that cheating: Some of "my" packages are
> genuinely less fun to maintain, and would certainly be *lesser* fun
> if knew that others were paid for doing similar tasks.
Playing the devil's advocate, and assuming (1) and (2) from above do not
apply: what would be wrong with that?
  * You got rid of a package that you're not having any fun maintaining,
    and can focus on other fun tasks
  * Someone gets paid to improve Debian
  * Debian's users get an improved Debian
  * Debian's donors see their money put to actual good use

I am *not* advocating for this solution. *If* one were to go down this
path, then clearly this would need far more debate. I'm just saying that
sometimes, it's necessary to look at a problem from many angles.

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