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Re: How to leverage money to accomplish high impact Debian projects

Le vendredi, 19 mars 2021, 17.49:54 h CET Louis-Philippe Véronneau a écrit :
> On 2021-03-19 08 h 02, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> >> I've been telling a few people last month that I would really liked to
> >> have an Enterprise Edition Online MiniDebConf, unfortunately I don't
> >> have any time/energy to instigate that currently.
> > 
> > Something for a Debian fellow that we could hire ;-)
> I for one would be less motivated to help with videoteam tasks if I knew
> someone was paid to organise a miniconf.

Would your motivation also be affected if an individual was paid only for a 
specific task that noone in the team found particularily interesting to do?

(I don't know much about how the videoteam works, so I don't know if that's a 
good example, but let's see…) For example, what if someone (paid) handled the 
storage and timely shipping of all the hardware, as well as the actual 
ordering of new hardware, leaving the (what I assume is the more interesting 
part) configuring, design and conception of the system to volunteers?


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