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Re: How to leverage money to accomplish high impact Debian projects

On 2021-03-19 08 h 02, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
>> I've been telling a few people last month that I would really liked to
>> have an Enterprise Edition Online MiniDebConf, unfortunately I don't
>> have any time/energy to instigate that currently.
> Something for a Debian fellow that we could hire ;-)

I for one would be less motivated to help with videoteam tasks if I knew
someone was paid to organise a miniconf.

We've had quite a few online events in the last 6 months and it's also
OK to take a break :)

Maybe next year, when we can have in-person events, there will be less
online events and people will have more time to organise such a miniconf?

In any case, I don't feel like us failing to organise this miniconf is
problematic in any way.

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