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Re: Re-Proposal - preserve freedom of choice of init systems


On 17.10.2014 11:52, Marco d'Itri wrote:

>> for 30 years so why are some people pushing _so hard_ to replace it NOW and by something
>> as controversal as the systemd stuff.

> A vocal minority and a lot of trolls do not make something
> controversial.

No, the majority disregarding the needs of the minority makes it

Debian has always aimed to be the "universal" operating system and be
inclusive of desktop users, system administrators and system builders at
the same time.

Debian "jessie" fails to work in several instances on my embedded
systems where "wheezy" used to work. I'd call that a severe regression,
however for some reason that no longer counts because the majority has
no such issues.

The technical shortcomings of systemd are the smaller problem here. The
way I've been treated (stopping short of directly accusing me to
actively look for problems to complain about) whenever I was raising a
technical issue suggests to me that this is not a healthy ecosystem that
can handle different viewpoints from members of the community.

The "us vs them" attitude has permeated both camps by now, and the only
way out I can see is to find a solution that allows both sides to
install the solution that works best for them, without sacrificing too
much functionality.


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